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Dry Eye Treatment: A+ Results on Nourishing Your Sore Eyes

Eyes make it to the prime tier of sense organs, capturing the exhilarating beauty of your surroundings. Your eyes also indicate any other health conditions that you may suffer, and You have to preserve and maintain the health of them. Happy eyes mean happy you. Though there are many eye conditions to be worried, a dry eye is one of a progressive and common disorder that everyone should be aware of and about how we, A+ Optometry, Melbourne provides state-in-art Dry eye treatment techniques to tackle it.



What is a dry eye?


Dry eyes the disease is often observed as a common multi-faceted disease amongst younger teens and adults. Several factors cause the disease. The person experiencing this chronic condition doesn't secrete enough tears that would keep their eyes lubricated.

Usually, dwindled secretion of tears from the Meibomian gland, and the decrease in the activity of the lacrimal gland are the root causes of the disease. Red itchy eyes prone to microbial infection, irritation, and photosensitivity with blurred vision are some of the possible outcomes with the worst case of vision impairment if left unattended.


Causes of Dry Eye


There are many causes of a dry eye and here are some:


  • Inflammation of eyes
  • Allergic meditations
  • Prolonged uses of digital devices
  • Hypersensitivity to contact lens and makeup
  • Excessive heat
  • Blockage of tears ducts or MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction)
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Traumatic injury


Dry eye treatment


Sadly there is no permanent cure for the condition when it turns chronic. But we at A+ optometry serves to be the last word in Dry eye treatment techniques. We have mastered optometry procedures offering our services in an affordable package. Some effective  dry eye treatment technique are listed below,


1. Warm presses 

The traditional technique to fight Meibomian Gland dysfunction is hot pressing, where a gentle, mild pressure gets applied to the area marked over the eyelids. The method kills microbes and melts the blocks inside the tear duct. There is an extensive range in this product group, and we suggest the best fit for our patients based on their nature of the cause.


2. Intense plus light 

In IPL, a flashlight emitting intense light of a selected wavelength on over the area marked on eyelids. IPL yields immediate results for many patients, improving their tear secretion and provokes the tear gland.


3. Blephasteam® 

The Belphasteam® device clears the blocked oil secretion in the Meibomian gland effortlessly, making is an effective and safer wearable. The machine applies a safer, continuous temperature set by our expert over your eyelids, clearing the blockages improving the condition.


4. Artificial tears and medicated eyedrops 

Artificial tears are the most affordable method to use for a dry eye. A piece of expert advice is required before you grab your eyedrop. Sometimes you might need that the eyedrop has to possess an aqueous solution of Anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, or anti-histamine. So visit us for a suitable prescription. 


5. BlephEx™ 

The latest handheld device has taken Ocular procedures for dry eye to the next level. The device holds a microsponge that trails over scrubs or debris formed by an infection, soothingly and accurately.


Contacting the best Optometry experts of A+ is now easy. You can call us or email us to book an appointment slot. Our optometry practice clinic lays in the mainland of Victoria at Ringwood North, Victoria, Australia, and we are open for serving you, six days in a week except Sundays.


Endowed recently in 2017, under the head of Dr. Jeff, A+ Optometry caters to their client, the best ocular treatment in Melbourne. Visualized to improve standards of medications and techniques, A+ Optometry makes it available for everyone. Your eye care is their care.


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